Life balance

You will find the MRL experience with its thinking, doing, reflecting cycle will have benefits in many areas in many areas of your life. Of course it has a professional focus but it has been developed to help you grow as a leader and as an individual. At the end of the programme you will formulate your own personal strategy plan looking forward, as a way of focusing on growing your capacity and investing in personal organisational and relational assets.


There are 8 one day workshops over the 11 months of the programme, usually running between 9.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Very occasionally an overnight stay is required before a workshop for those whose base is distant from the venue. There are two 3 day residential events. Overseas Study Visits usually last between 3 and 5 days.  There are also 3 90 minute mentorials and time is required to complete pre workshop preparation and post-workshop completion and reflection questionnaires.


This assumes you spend time only attending the workshops and residentials, have a short overseas study visit and keep your feedback and journal entries to a minimum. 18 days.


MRL participants find that there is a direct correlation between effort and reward; the more time and commitment you apply to the Programme the more you will get from it. This means that most people make a time commitment of about 25 days over the 11 months of the 'MRL year'.


You are expected to attend every workshop. This is a condition of your acceptance onto the Programme.  Obviously, there are sometimes exceptional circumstances which mean you can't be at an event; you will need to discuss this with your Mentor.

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