Nicola Rowe Visits Amsterdam

Nicola has worked primarily in Retail for 14 years.  After graduating from University with a degree and one year’s work experience in Human Resource Management, Nicola joined the Co-operative as a Graduate Management Trainee.  The three year programme provided experience of managing at both senior and “shop floor” level across the portfolio of businesses and, perhaps most importantly, the experience of working within a business whose purpose is both commercial and ethical.  After completing the programme Nicola moved on to manage several £ multi-million turnover stores before deciding to make the move from High Street to Heritage.  Nicola is now Head of Retail & Admissions at Black Country Living Museum, manages a team of approximately 20 staff and is responsible for the trading performance of two retail units, product development and the administration and processing of online ticketing, Group and Educational bookings and the on-site Admissions process. 

Rijks Museum, Amsterdam

Nicola visited the Head of Retail at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam.  The Rijks Museum owns over a million objects which chart the history of the Netherlands including pieces by Rembrandt and Van Gogh and welcomes over two million visitors a year.  The Museum is realising it’s vision to make their collection accessible to everyone through its strong educational programme, membership schemes, sponsorships from major household brands, digitising the collection and making it available to download (and apply to product) online and an almost entirely bespoke range of products.  The free to enter model applied by many national UK Museums does not apply in Amsterdam which didn’t appear to have affected the Museums’ appeal or popularity during the visit.