The Resilience Method

The programme is designed to help museums and heritage organisations be better led; entrepreneurial, culturally valuable and effective in the 21st Century. We focus on the leader, using a well developed Resilience Methodology which takes a 360° view of resilience.  Topics MRL covers include;

  • Business planning
  • Financial management and financial management systems
  • Reading balance sheets and the Report and Accounts
  • Organisational development
  • Social enterprise
  • Mixed art form organisations like Midlands Arts Centre
  • Case studies – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Coaching
  • Presentation, presence and authority
  • Buildings, land, collections and site development
  • Governance, Boards and institutional structures
  • The operation of trust based, local authority, national and other heritage organisations
  • How cultural organisations in other countries operate
  • The social and civic purpose of museums
  • Entrepreneurship in the commercial sector
  • Leadership in art, business and politics
  • Personal and organisational strategy development

Outside of the Programme, the Programme Directors provide advice, consultancy support and expertise to a wide variety of museum and heritage organisations each year including:

  • Business modelling
  • Site commercial and cultural development
  • Learning service development
  • HLF applications
  • Commercial advice
  • Formation of trusts
  • Board recruitment and development
  • Capital development and funding 

This work, MRL mentoring and coaching and detailed Programme evaluation, continuously inform MRL's development.  If you participate in the Programme this expertise is available to you.  Contact either Stephen or Nick directly to discuss MRL or any of these knowledge areas.