MRL1 2013-2014

Reviews of the 2013 - 2014 Programme

“MRL has helped me to realise the type of leader I aspire to be, and just as importantly, the type of leader I don’t want to be.”

“One of the most valuable aspects for me has been the time we have been afforded to reflect, to analyse our current situation and our ways of working, and to plan next steps. With workloads and pressures higher than ever in my current role this time for real reflection has been invaluable. The mentor sessions have also been particularly useful in this aspect.    The content, both from external speakers and from sessions led by Nick, Stephen and Andrew, has been very varied but always relevant and often inspiring.”

“If it hadn’t been for MRL, I would have given up my current role several months ago.   As it is, I feel far more confident and can see possibilities and worthwhile challenges where previously I got overwhelmed by the problems …”

“The timing of the MRL programme could not have been more fortuitous in arriving along with the most challenging period of my career to date. The single most valuable thing the MRL programme has enabled me to do is change my narrative from increasingly bleak to brimming with opportunity, the future is uncertain and I feel ready for it.”

“As a result of the MRL programme I am clearer about the direction that I and my organisation must take.  Exposure to different models, methods and vantage points has all contributed to a shift in perspective. The key to the future is the development of a vision for the organisation which is sustainable in the longer term.  Taking the institution on this journey will provide an excellent opportunity for developing my skills, knowledge and practice as well as helping to secure the longer term future of the museum.”

“Overall I have found the Museums and Resilient Leadership Programme of huge personal benefit and even comfort.

“Most valuably, as someone relatively new to the Midlands, the course has provided a network of contacts across the region whose personal experiences, so honestly talked about, have been extremely helpful and whose support I have already had cause to call upon, and no doubt will continue to call upon after the course has ended.”

“MRL has helped me to become more resilient in many ways, it helped to build my personal confidence, extend my networks, fully understand my business including the budget, visitor stats and space analysis and focus on my values. There is a lot of talk about resilience and income generation at the moment but MRL made me realise that the most important thing isn't what we do but why we do it.”

To find out more about the Programme contact Jo Turner at BCLM, or make an application here. You can amend and improve your application at any time prior to submission. The closing date for MRL 2016 - 2017 is 29 February, 2016.

2013 - 2014 Alumni

  • David Sheldon Head of Learning Programmes, British Museum, formerly Midlands Education Manager, English Heritage

  • Laura Pye Head of Culture, Bristol City Council, formerly Heritage and Cultural Services Manager, Warwickshire County Council

  • David Eveleigh Director of Collections, Learning & Research, Black Country Living Museum

  • Alison Cox Head of Programming, Compton Verney

  • Alan Edwards, Site Manager, RAF Museum

  • Nikki Grange Arts Heritage & Visitor Services Manager, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

  • Richard Elms Development Producer, The Rural Media Company, formerly Digital Manager and Senior Fund Raiser Coventry Heritage and Arts Trust

  • Fiona Venables Deputy Curator, Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre

  • Catherine Nisbet Museum & Arts Officer, Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery

  • Chris Rice Museums & Heritage Consultant, formerly Head of Heritage Services, Birmingham Museums Trust

  • Rachel Robinson Hartlebury Property & Projects Manager, Museums Worcestershire

  • Lisa Cowley Volunteer Manager, British Horse Society, formerly Manager, Friends of Flaxmill Maltings, Shrewsbury

  • Nigel Spicer Museum Consultant, formerly Collections Curator, The Wedgwood Museum

  • Jennifer Thomson Administrator, formerly Community History Curator, Walsall Museums Service