12 Maxims

MRL administration is based at the successful independent museum, the Black Country Living Museum. The Director and Chief Executive, Andrew Lovett, teaches segments on finance, and governance on MRL. He offers his view on being a leader at Workshops 1 & 2.

He discusses 12 MRL leadership principles in his session on leading a cultural business at Workshop 2, in the context of his museum:

  1. Being a museum and a charity matters.
  2. Caring and having to care about all the numbers are important, organisationally unifying, motivational, and will help you to run the organisation as if it was your own.
  3. Energy and persistence should not be underestimated.  Concentrate on lighting fires, rather than putting them out.  Remember, ideas are ten-a-penny.
  4. Having the right people (including trustees), with the right attitude is critical and a delight. 
  5. There is a great joy to be had in taking decisions, and therefore, moving forward.
  6. Strive for excellence and quality, know what it looks like and always be proud of what you are doing.
  7. See the wood for the trees.
  8. Don’t be a busy fool.
  9. Have a good plan, but be prepared to continually innovate.
  10. Your personality matters. Remember, you are more often than not leading because of your influence rather than because of your authority.
  11. Independence is satisfying and much more fun than dependence
  12. You must want to do it and really believe it is the right thing to do.

Leadership and BCLM.