Martin Wills Visits Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia

Martin Wills is the Manager/Curator of Craven Museum & Gallery, in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Martin has been working in the museum and heritage sector for the last six years, starting as a volunteer at the British Museum. Before working at Craven Museum & Gallery, he worked as a Project Officer for UNESCO working across Indonesia, Malaysia and East Timor. Holding a degree in Ancient History from Exeter University, he went on to receive a Museum Studies MA from Leicester University in 2012.

About the Research trip

For his Overseas Research Trip, Martin travelled to the Balkan Peninsula, studying the museums in Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. He started to study the Balkan region’s museums during his MA, Martin considers them to be institutions that have shown particular resilience, mainly in response to the region’s turbulent recent history. 

In addition to meetings at the National Museums of Montenegro and Albania, Martin also studied museums that are of a similar size to his institution in Skipton, and also ones in similarly historic and naturally beautiful settings, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Over the course of twelve days, he was able to visit twelve museums and meet six museum directors and many museum staff.