MRL 6 2019-2020

MRL 6 began as usual in May of the MRL year at High Trenhouse, Malham, North Yorkshire. Below are the ratings from this year’s cohort;

Experience of the first residential

I loved how well each session flowed. I thought it might be too tiring but each day was, in fact, energising. Really useful to receive feedback for the 2min presentations in the short and focused way it was given. All the feedback given throughout the residential was great, actually. The tarn walks were refreshing and bonding. I love that we got to go outdoors and shake up our energy as some of the work was quite intense.

Wonderful - an inspiring start to the course, so engaging and challenging and already impacting on my work. Lots of practical actions to take away and fodder for longer-term thinking. Faculty all so engaged, supportive and generous with their time. Great balance of different pace activities (e.g. tarn walk discussions), space to fully reflect and feed back on activities, space to bond with and get to know cohort. Absolutely brilliant, got me so excited for the year ahead!

I found all elements of the residential beneficial. I particularly enjoyed the leadership scenarios and working as a team to shape our responses to the individual crises. In addition to this, a wealth of simple but effective tips were shared throughout the residential, such as how to change your language and reframe situations in order to exert greater influence. An example of this was acknowledge and build, replacing an everyday word such as but, which has negative connotations, with and. I have also been using 1,2,3 to do lists since I have returned to work and found that this has enabled me to prioritise my workload more effectively!



I had high expectations, and it was better than I imagined!

I did have high expectations as I'd thought about / researched it quite a bit as I had to make the case to my Board, and I vaguely knew people who'd done it before. My main trepidation was that I might not connect with the cohort and/or faculty - as it's the people that make these things! - but that was quickly allayed.

The residential was amazing, so I don't want this answer to seem that my experience wasn't great. I think because I had heard such wonderful things from my colleague, I already expected it would be wonderful. I was still surprised by just how good it was and how much I am still thinking about and processing what I learned on the three days.