May 2018 saw the new MRL group at the start-up residential at the Centre for Management Creativity, Malham Tarn, North Yorkshire. An inspiring, invigorating and thought expanding location.


A massive thank you! an incredibly inspiring 3 days. I really appreciate the energy and expertise from all of the faculty. Looking forward to the coming year!

Really refreshing….. I started to think about things I haven’t for years with regards to my career and found a renewed passion for museums. Personally it was great to be around so many professionals from the field who were all so helpful and open. I am really pleased about having a mentor as I think this will be a great opportunity for me in my career development as well as for my organisation. Only suggestions would be if there was a way to take a little longer over some of the leadership models/tools used during the weekend and just a little bit of downtime so I could retreat and have a think! The venue was simply wonderful. Thank you to all involved- I know just how big a job it is to coordinate these things and keep everything running to time. The organisation was so smooth and it felt amazing not to have to take responsibility for any of the running of the weekend- so much so I became completely useless in the manner of a teenager at home and lost all track of time!


The facilitation was excellent. Each member of the faculty provided something different, and necessary. Dawn and Arnie were extremely perceptive and their contributions were invaluable. On many occasions, their feedback and pointers enabled me to take a step back, consider my actions, thought process, language and body language and then resume activity with a fresh perspective, renewed thinking and a greater sense of purpose. Andrew, Stephen and Nick embody leadership in three very different ways and I found this to be very powerful in recognising that leadership can mean many things. I found their contribution to the sessions to be inspiring and thought-provoking, and they were very good at challenging the cohort. In addition to this, I appreciated their honesty. I also really appreciated that all members of the faculty were very perceptive and would seek contributions from everyone within the cohort. Jo was excellent at ensuring that each workshop ran smoothly (including before and after the workshop in Malham), the sessions felt well organised and I felt prepared.

I like the variety of approaches amongst the faculty. Some of these approaches meet with my learning style better than others, but all offer a great learning experience. I loved the fact that we were kept to a strict time table and that there was an expectation that we would deliver on time. I attend a lot of things where the clock and schedules are ignored and find it hugely frustrating. This makes me feel that we will squeeze a huge amount into the days throughout the year, making the time we give to MRL really worthwhile.