MRL 2 2015-2016

workshop 9, JANUARY 14, 2016


As part of the Programme's 360° examination of leadership, the cohort met Gisela Stuart MP at Portcullis House, Westminster, visited the House of Illustration, newly opened at King's Cross, and Antony Gormley's studio, also near King's Cross.

It was full of insights into worlds we would otherwise not see. Fascinating, insightful and useful.

I had a fabulous day!

I found it very fulfilling and inspiring.

I do feel that it is a privilege to able to meet these people and get to know from their perspective how it works for them. This in turn makes me think about how I can then make things work for me and my organisation.

An opportunity for some quite deep thinking. The cohort seemed very bonded. Wonderful to lose myself in the exhibition and to admire the artistry and finesse of EH Shepherd. Thank you for a great time and some tremendous insights given by A G.

Loved it, it was nice having it a little looser as we were able to chat with our cohort colleagues more so we shared a lot.

Prior to the whole day this had the appearance of potentially being rather hectic, the threat of dashing from place to place, refreshments snatched at a cafe en route, it had the promise of being very different to any other MRL days. The reality was that it all went smoothly, worked well, and made a refreshing change from the 'norm'. No doubt ably assisted by some careful planning behind the scenes and the inclusion of three very different but equally interesting experiences.

Whilst I have enjoyed the MRL course throughout, it is particularly interesting to me that it has taken until the last few MRL sessions for it all to really fall into place and for me to feel I am getting more from it, and that I can utilise some of the outcomes.